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 Clan Tryout Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Tryout Rules   Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:49 pm


to become a clan member, one must prove him or herself worthy of being acknowledged.

To tryout please "Copy" and "Paste" the information listed below

Brawl Name:
Brawl Friend Code:
Best Character{s}:
Best Stage{s}
Method of play-style:
Where do you live:
When do you want to be tested?:
How many stocks:

this info is MUST, and you probably cant tryout w/o filling it out. Either me, Rave, or the other testers will proceed with the testing.

In Enemy Storm, we are looking for..

How you handle campers
How you handle Rushes
How you do under pressure

*NOTE* you MUST get 3 RECS. in order to be in the clan! either you have all 3 testers pass you. OR, you can get a top tester to pass you, then ONE normal tester to pass you.

if not...you shall see this... "Verdict:Fail, tryout out again in {x} days"

the # of days means how long till the next time you can tryout. depending on your skill if it was good but still not there the days will be short...if its bad then well you get the idea.

so enjoy your time in the forum, tryout for the clan and just have fun.

Enemy Storm's Top Testers:

Red X

Enemy Storm's Regular Testers
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Clan Tryout Rules
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